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Amazing images of viruses, bacteria, and
parasites makes this unit great for the
visual learner.  The immune system
portion, HIV, AIDS, and other STD's is
great for any health class. The HIV
simulation and Food borne illness activity
are fantastic.  A bundled homework
package and unit notes follow the entire
unit. Please visit the links below to
preview this four part 2,400+ slide unit.
This is a great unit for any life science or
health class. (4+ Weeks).

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Areas of Focus within The Cells and Infectious Diseases Unit:
-Infectious Diseases through History, Viruses, Size of Viruses, Computer Viruses, Viral
Reproduction, Are Viruses Living?, Types of Viruses, Types of Bacteria,  Size of Bacteria, Bacteria
Identification, Gram Staining, Food Borne Illnesses and Prevention, Antibiotics, Antiseptics and
Cleaning Injuries, Tooth Decay, Dental Hygiene, Bacterial Reproduction, Positives and Negatives of
Bacteria,  Lytic Viruses, Lysogenic Viruses, Immune System, Virus Transmission, Treatment for
Viruses, Virus Prevention, Parasites, Types of Parasites, Parasite Life Cycles, HIV, HIV Prevention,
AIDS, STD’s, and much more.
The Infectious Diseases  Unit includes an interactive and engaging PowerPoint Presentation of  four
part 2,400+ slides with built-in class notes (Red Slides), lab activities, project ideas, discussion
questions, assessments, challenge questions with answers, review games, video links, and much
more.  Text is provided in large print (32 font) and is placed at the top of each slide so it can be read
from all angles of a classroom.  A shade technique and color coded text helps to increase student
focus and allows teacher to control the pace of the lesson. Also included is a 13 page (doc.) bundled
homework that chronologically follows the PowerPoint  slideshow as well as a modified assessment
that looks much like the original. 12 pages of class notes (doc.) with images are also included for
students who require assistance, as well as answer keys to both of the homework packages for
support professionals, teachers, and homeschool parents. 38 video links are provided and a slide
within the slideshow cues teacher / parent when the videos are most relevant to play. Video shorts
usually range from 2-7 minutes. Three PowerPoint review games (125+ slides each) are included.  
Answers to the PowerPoint review games are provided in PowerPoint form so students can
self-assess. Lastly, several games such as guess the hidden picture beneath the boxes, crossword
puzzles, and the find the hidden owl somewhere within the slideshow are provided.  
Difficulty rating of 8 (Ten is most difficult).
Below are just a few of the typical standards that this unit addresses for
those that are interested.  This unit does cover many topics, standards, and
concepts that are not described below.

●Keep a journal record of observations, recognizing patterns, summarizing
findings, and reflecting on the observations.
●Explain that the human body has ways to defend itself against disease
causing organisms and describe how defenders, including tears, saliva, the
skin, some blood cells and stomach secretions support the defense process.
●Recognize that there are some diseases that human beings can only get
once, and explain how many diseases can be prevented by vaccination.
●Explain how vaccines induce the body to build immunity to a disease without
actually causing the disease itself.
●Recognize a healthy body cannot fight all germs that invade it, and explain how
some germs interfere with the body’s defenses.
●Recognize that the length and quality of human life are influenced by many factors,
including sanitation, diet, medical care, gender, genes, environmental conditions, and
personal health behaviors.
●Provide examples of early health care technology that helped to extend the life
expectancy of humans, such as the discovery of penicillin, sterilization of surgical
●Differentiate between vaccines, which help prevent diseases from developing and spreading, and medicines, which relieve symptoms or cure diseases.
●Recognize that the quality of personal health can be influenced by society and technology.
●Explain how proper food preparation and appropriate food handling practices can maintain the safety and quality of food.
●Recognize that humans can spread germs that cause disease.
●Recognize that there are some diseases that human beings can only get once; and explain how many diseases can be prevented by vaccination.
●Describe the function of white blood cells and explain how they support the body’s defense system.
●Explain how the immune system functions to prevent and fight disease.
●Organize observations and data into tables, charts and graphs.
●Describe how viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites may affect the human body and provide examples of how they can interfere with normal body function.
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