A 13 Part 8,500+ slide PowerPoint
presentation explores the systems of the
human body with a focus on health and
wellness.  This unit is full of exciting and
meaningful activities to conduct with your
students.  Amazing visuals, engaging
lessons, built-in quizzes, follow along
worksheets, projects, review games, step
by step drawings, video and academic
links, answer keys, and much more are
included.  The 40 page bundled homework
package and 56 pages of unit notes
chronologically follow the entire unit.  This
is a fantastic unit for any life science or
health class.
Teaching Duration = 4+ months.
Areas of focus: Form Follows Function concept spread throughout.  Levels of biological
organization, cell basics, cells of the body, tissues, organs, organ systems, homeostasis,
functions of the skeletal system, categories of bones, marrow, bones of the human body,
bone disease, types of joints, muscular system, connective tissues, ligaments, tendons,
muscles and energy use, types of muscle tissue, muscle fibers and movement, common
muscles, biological molecules and important nutrients to the body (extensive), learning the
contents of junk food, calories, obesity, fast food, eating disorders, anabolic steroids,
digestive system, mechanical and chemical digestion, taste, enzymes, swallowing reflex,
esophagus and peristalsis, organs of the GI Tract, focus on chemical digestion,
duodenum,stomach, pancreas, liver, gall bladder, small intestine, villi and surface area, large
intestine, appendix, rectum, cardiovascular system, cellular respiration, functions of the
circulatory system, movement of blood, focus on the heart, blood vessels, cardiovascular
disease, contents of blood, blood types, functions of the respiratory system, the nose,
epiglottis, larynx and vocal cords, trachea, bronchus, lungs, alveoli, diaphragm, lung capacity,
dangers of smoking, cancer, how to avoid cancer, skin cancer,  what's inside a cigarette,
smoking and advertising, excretory system, kidneys, urine, inside the nephron, ureters,
bladder, urethra, kidney's role in detoxifying, cirrhosis of the liver, integumentary system
(skin), functions of the skin, anatomy of skin, fingerprints, nervous system, stimulus, anatomy
of a neuron, types of neurons, voluntary and involuntary functions, central and peripheral
nervous systems, regions of the brain and roles, right brain vs. left brain, spinal cord injuries,
anatomy of the eye and sight, lenses, rods and cones, night vision, anatomy of the nose and
smell, dangers of inhalants, anatomy of the ear and hearing, noise induced hearing loss,
sense of touch, the adolescent brain -whoa!, lobes of the brain, endocrine system, glands,
hormones, activities in your body, endocrine system vs. nervous system, exocrine glands,
puberty, body stability, parenting, male and female reproductive systems, sex cells,
chromosomes, fertilization, menstrual cycle, placenta, embryo development, dangers of
smoking and drinking while pregnant, immune system, diseases, how diseases are spread,
the immune response, parasites, vaccines, virus prevention, HIV, HIV transmission,
abstinence vs. prevention, AIDS, STD's, and much more.  Difficulty rating 7/10
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The Human
Body Systems
and Health
Topics Unit
The Human Body Systems and Health Topics Unit includes a 13 Part interactive and
engaging PowerPoint Presentation of 8,500+ slides with built-in class notes (Red
Slides), lab activities with built-in instructions and questions, project ideas, discussion
questions, built-in quizzes, step by step drawings, challenge questions with answers,
follow along worksheets, and much more.  Text is always in large print (32 font) and is
placed at the top of each slide so it can be read from all angles of a classroom.  Also
included is a 40 page assessment / bundled homework package that chronologically
follows the PowerPoint slideshow, as well as a 36 page modified assessment.  56
pages of class notes with visuals are included for students who may require support,
as well as answer keys to both of the assessments for support professionals,
teachers, and homeschool parents. 108+ video and academic links are provided and a
slide within the slideshow cues teacher / parent when the videos are most relevant to
play. Video shorts usually range from 2-7 minutes.  Seven PowerPoint review games
(125+ slides each) are included.  Answers to the PowerPoint review games are
provided in PowerPoint form so students can self-assess.  Lastly, several class games
such as guess the hidden picture beneath the boxes, crossword puzzles, and the find
the hidden owl somewhere within the slideshow are provided.  
Difficulty rating of 7 (Ten is most difficult).  Duration = 3 Months
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