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Included. All units come with the large PowerPoint roadmap (.pptx), multi-page notes that go with the
slideshow (.doc), chronological assessment / bundled homework that follows the unit PowerPoint, modified
work bundle, answer keys to both assessments (.doc), review games (.pptx), answers to game, review game
template (.doc), science journal grading rubric, homework rubric, many video and academic links, lab and
activity sheets, lab report sheet, unit information sheet and student guidebook that can be used as a handout
to parents and students at the beginning of the year.  Also included is a first day PowerPoint presentation and
goal setting activity. Units are being updated and improved almost daily.  The units arrive in editable form so it
can be altered to fit any curriculum or time requirement.  Also included is document that describes how to
create a student version of the entire curriculum.
Contact. If you have any questions concerning this curriculum please free to contact me at or ask a question on TpT .  Thank you again for your interest in this one of a kind
curriculum. Best wishes.

Ryan Murphy M.Ed
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lessons their within.
Preview. Please view all PowerPoint Slideshows, video links, academic links, and review games prior to
using them in your classroom. Some images may be inappropriate for some students. The more difficult units
for the older kids tend to have more powerful images on them. Usually there is a warning built into the
slideshow, but as the teacher, you decide what you want your students to see. Please delete any slides that
you feel uncomfortable with prior to viewing with your students. Thank you.
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would appreciate your feedback so I can improve this curriculum.  If a flash drive was delivered the refund
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